Winchcombe Reclamation - Reclaimed Building Materials

At Winchcombe Reclamation we took our wide experience & knowledge and looked at everything a reclamation yard should be. Our product and services include: reclaimed building materials, Decorative Items, Roofing materials, Stoneware, summerhouses and building demolition for material reclamation.
We sort, clean, match and prepare all reclaimed materials so that when you use them they look as if they were new.

We restore so called "waste product" to an object that is beautiful and useful.

Our reclaimed materials include:

Building Materials:
- Blue Lias building stone
- Blue bricks
- Blue coping
- Delph Stone
- Cotswold stone
- Handmade Bricks
- Pier caps
- Precast Concrete coping
- Reclaimed drainage items
- Red coping
- Stone Windows
- Stone coping
- Wirecut bricks

Reclaimed Timber:
- Cheeseboards
- Early elm boards
- Long oak boards
- Hardwood strip flooring
- New Oak beams
- New Oak sleepers
- Oak and Elm Beams
- Old oak and elm floorboards
- Panelling
- Pitch pine beams
- Reclaimed carriage boards
- Reclaimed pine boards
- Reclaimed sleepers
- Roof trusses
- Tongue and groove oak boards
- Wide new oak boards
- Wide pine boards

Roofing Materials:
- Blue Ridge
- Chimney Pots
- Cotswold stone roof tiles
- Finials
- Hips
- Pan tiles
- Red Ridge
- Slate
- Valleys
- Cotswold stone ridge
- Handmade tiles
- Machine made tiles

Building Demolition. We do not demolish buildings we dismantle, deconstruct, piece by piece.

Every building generates reclaimed material. A steel frame building will provide a suitable structure for someone else; cladding sheets and steel for new construction, crushed concrete as aggregate for new roadways and drives.

Address: Broadway Road, Winchcombe, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL54 5NT
Tel: 01242 609564

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